On October 14th Asper launched its inaugural Sustainability Report through a webinar presentation to its investors.

This is an important step for us: sustainability is at the core of all that we do, and the report allows us to fully articulate our performance and our ambition. We set out a clear vision of the firm we want Asper to be, and specific sustainability goals that we want to achieve to fulfil this vision.

We focused these new goals on our key stakeholder groups: our investments, our Clients and our firm. We then translated them into 55 KPIs that from today we will include in our regular Client reporting. This year we also kicked off new initiatives within our firm and across our investment portfolio to improve our sustainability performance and expand our footprint over time.

After investing exclusively in sustainable assets for more than a decade, it is very exciting and energizing to expand our initiatives to include new themes, such as further support of local communities and natural habitats surrounding our projects, or to engage on topics that are close to our Values such as diversity, inclusiveness and transparency.

This vision for Asper, our sustainability framework and the initiatives that stem from them are very important milestones in our journey to Build the New!