London, 26 June 2023

Asper Investment Management, a sustainable infrastructure investor, is delighted to announce that it has been given the award “ESG Best Practices Honours, by SWEN CP” in the category of Infrastructure. Sustainable infrastructure investments, including renewable power and district heating networks, have a critical role to play in facilitating the energy transition. This recognition showcases Asper’s commitment to greenfield investment strategies, which are urgently required to deliver the new clean power infrastructure demanded by a low carbon economy. “We are humbled to have been picked amongst all other competing infrastructure managers, and we will continue to lead by example in building the assets for the energy transition“, said Luigi Pettinicchio, co-founder and CEO of Asper.

10th edition of the ESG Best Practices Honours
The ESG Best Practices Honours is an annual event organized by SWEN Capital Partners, a leading player in responsible investment in unlisted assets in Europe. This annual event brings together more than 400 professionals from the world of unlisted assets to share best practices for responsible investment. This year marked the 10th edition of the event, with a focus on the theme of re-generation. Three outstanding companies were recognized during the 10th edition were: Asper Investment Management (Infrastructure Award), Revaia (Private Equity Award) and Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity (Jury Award). The ESG Award recognizes organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership in integrating ESG principles into their business operations and have made a significant positive impact in their industry and beyond. Asper stood out among numerous esteemed nominees for its focus on greenfield stage investment strategies and active involvement in climate issues at all levels of its strategy. According to the jury, “Asper has implemented a robust and sustainable investment approach. This is demonstrated by ‘Article 9 classification’ of its funds, the inclusion of sustainability issues throughout the value chain, and the design of a methodology for measuring the positive externalities and impact of the firm’s investments”. By winning the ESG Award, Asper joins the ranks of other infrastructure investment management industry leaders. Asper is committed to sharing its best practices, collaborating with like-minded entities, and driving positive change across the industry. The award bestowed by SWEN Capital Partners highlights Asper’s commitment to creating a sustainable and responsible future. Luis Quiroga, co-founder and Head of Investor Relations at Asper said: “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and unwavering commitment of our entire team and our portfolio companies. It is also an endorsement of Asper’s strategy: to focus on greenfield investments, as these deliver not only the most attractive returns but also carry greatest additionality.”

Continuing raising the bar
The Best Practices Honours aligns with SWEN Capital Partners’ responsible investment approach, which has established the firm as a pioneer in ESG over the past decade. The jury, comprised of more than a dozen international independent experts, based its verdict on results from the ESG data collection questionnaire SWEN Capital Partners has carried out annually for the past decade. The data collection campaign that precedes this annual ceremony also makes it possible to follow the behavior of players in the private equity sector and companies’ sustainability and ESG performance evolution. This survey has become a benchmark campaign in France and Europe for asset management companies active on the private equity, private debt and infrastructure segments. As in previous years, the questionnaires have been updated to reflect the latest developments stipulated by European regulations such as the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and Article 29 of the energy-climate law. The purpose is to deliver more transparent reporting and to better anticipate and meet French and European regulatory requirements. Jiska Klein, Head of Sustainability at Asper said: “Since Sustainability is so central to our Mission to Build the New, we always wanted to avoid it becoming a silo in our organization, and we have worked hard to deeply integrate our robust sustainability framework, initiatives and goals in all the parts of our business. This enables us to clearly quantify the positive impact from our portfolio companies and showcase how our greenfield investments clearly deliver much greater additionality than brownfield. We are very grateful that our strategy and efforts are being recognized and rewarded by this jury of international experts and the leading investor, SWEN Capital Partners”.

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Luis Quiroga

Head of Investor Relations

Luis co-founded Asper in 2016 with Luigi and Emma, with whom he had worked at HgCapital since 2008.

At Asper, Luis is responsible for relations with Asper’s clients and leads Asper’s business development fundraising.  Luis also remains involved in origination and execution of new investments, leveraging on his over 15 years of experience in energy investments.  Luis is a member of Asper’s Investment Committee, Valuation Committee and the Sustainability Committee. An expert in Energy Transition policy advising think-tanks and research institutes, Luis also oversees Asper’s regulatory coverage.

Luis started his career with The Boston Consulting Group (Munich and Madrid) before joining Credit Suisse’s European Energy Investment Banking Team.  Luis holds a Master of Science in Foreign Affairs (Fulbright Scholar) from Georgetown University and a joint degree in Law and in Business Administration from ICADE Madrid.  He is fluent in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.