London, June 13th, 2022

On the 13th of June, Asper hosted a Client webinar to present its first Integrated Report for the year 2021. This is the first year in which we publish our Integrated Report, which integrates the content we shared over the last years through our Sustainability Reports together with more information about our strategy, our value creation, and our results over the past financial year.

Like 2020, the year 2021 was marked by the challenges and uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic, but for many reasons it was a momentous one for Asper. Our mission to “Build the New” has become as relevant as ever, as we started building new platforms such as Energie voor Elkaar (“EVE”) with sustainable energy infrastructure, but also as we conceived new ways of working, of interacting with our Clients and stakeholders, of supporting our colleagues and management teams, and of disclosing our performance.

Our investment portfolio performed well through the economic turmoil: all assets under our management increased in value over the year. We also performed very strongly on our KPIs and benchmarking scores, and most importantly we significantly grew the size and corresponding positive footprint of our sustainable asset platforms, through development and construction of new assets. In 2021 we closed multiple exits and another major fundraising.

In 2021, our team held together strongly; we watched out for each other in new ways, leveraging technology but also designing new management processes; we made sure everyone in the firm felt connected and cared for and we developed our vision on Diversity & Inclusion – to further build new ways of working. This year both humbled and energised us, pushing us forward on our mission to Build the New!

Please find a summary version of our Integrated Report 2021 here.

We hope you enjoy reading it and find it informative!

The Asper Team



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Jiska Klein Sr Sustainability Manager Asper Investment Management

Jiska Klein

Senior Sustainability Manager

Jiska has more than 8 years of experience in management consulting in the area of sustainability, climate risk and circular economy. Jiska joined from a climate change and sustainability advisory role within KPMG, one of the largest consultancy firms worldwide. At KPMG, Jiska advised multinational companies within the financial and non-financial sector on sustainability-related regulations, responsible investment and ESG-related matters. Furthermore, she conducted audits on social & environmental performances of companies’ sites in Europe, Africa, and the Americas, and she was involved in providing assurance on companies’ non-financial information.

At Asper, Jiska enhances Asper’s sustainable investment strategy, gathers ESG and impact data from our platforms, and engages with investors and other stakeholders on ESG-related matters.

Jiska holds a BA in Economics from the University of Amsterdam, and a MA in International Economics and Business with a focus on Globalization & Development Economics and Environmental Economics from Utrecht University.