London, Oct 20th 2021

Asper’s sustainable heat platform Energie voor Elkaar (“Energy for Each Other”, or “EVE”) entered into its first partnership with a major datacentre for the supply of residual heat in the area around Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

The powerful servers of data centres can produce substantial amounts of heat as a by-product.  Data centre owners and operators are therefore increasingly focused on energy efficiency: finding ways to capture the residual heat and supply it to local users through a district heating network is a much more sustainable solution than dispersing that heat into the atmosphere.

EVE’s local partner company Polderwarmte and Interxion – a leading provider of data centre services in EMEA – expect the joint project to initially deliver 45,000 GJ of heat to local customers and avoid burning 1.5 million m3 of fossil gas.  They also plan to ramp up production within the first five years to 75,000 GJ (2.5 million m3 of natural gas saved).  Since Interxion’s data centres are powered by 100% renewable energy sources, the combined system will initially save 2,500 tons of CO2 emissions per year ramping up to 4,200 tons per year.

The project is part of a wider network development that EVE is working on, aiming to connect more sources of sustainable energy and offer collective solutions for fossil-free heating and cooling in Haarlemmermeer and the surrounding area.  Like the other EVE networks, the investments are backed by funds managed by Asper through its Dorothea partnership.

See more information on the Polderwarmte – Interxion partnership and on EVE and Dorothea.