Energie voor Elkaar (“EVE”) is Asper’s platform dedicated to developing and building new sustainable energy networks in the Netherlands. Energie voor Elkaar is Dutch for “Energy for Each Other”.

Asper established this platform in 2020 by partnering with local entrepreneur Valentijn Kleijnen. Since then, a fund managed by Asper has invested more than €100m in the development and construction of municipal-scale networks in four mid-sized Dutch towns.

After these initial investments, these networks will keep growing organically over the next years as new customers are connected and additional energy sources are added to supply them. Initial phases of heat networks usually require a flexible and high temperature heat source which is typically sustainable biomass. This includes waste biomass from parks, garden maintenance or similar sources which are particularly efficient for heat production and have no meaningful alternative use.

EVE’s plan is to gradually diversify its energy generation fleet by including other sustainable heat sources like waste heat, heat pumps or geothermal energy, or through efficiency gains such as from condensers. In 2021, EVE announced a partnership with a major datacentre operator in the area surrounding the Schiphol airport – an exciting first project of its kind in the Netherlands.

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