Infrastructure Growth Equity

Our approach is to partner with early stage developers and support them to build large scale sustainable asset platforms. To do this, we use a mix of investment skills ranging from infrastructure/asset financing to private equity. We call this approach Infrastructure Growth Equity.


We support our partner development teams with growth capital, financing and execution expertise, investment discipline, strategic planning and access to wider networks. Our partners contribute with their development and operational skills, specialist technical and local market knowledge.

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We only invest in sustainable infrastructure. Legacy is the most important of our Values, and is what drives us towards our mission of Building the New. Sustainability is therefore central to our mission, and is at the core of what Asper stands for.

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We create value by investing in high quality real assets, by actively managing them and by building dynamic, thriving businesses around them. We call this approach platform building, and it is at the core of our investment strategy.

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Infrastructure, with growth

Over the years we developed a very successful approach to investing in sustainable real assets: it combines the discipline of infrastructure finance with the growth focus of private equity.

Through this approach we built large-scale asset portfolios and businesses from the bottom-up, capturing value for our investors along the way. We call this infrastructure growth equity, and it is based on three pillars: insight, assets and growth.


Our team is widely recognised as experts in the sustainable infrastructure sector, where we have been active for more than 12 years. Our deep networks and industry relationships give us privileged access to insights and deal flow.

We thoroughly cover only a few selected markets where we have either already established a platform, or are in the process of starting one.

Thanks to our focus in these markets we often see opportunities before they are widely marketed, and work to position ourselves early on and stay ahead of competition.

We originate most of our investments in off-market transactions, or invest in proprietary project pipelines that we have created and developed over time.


We are truly passionate about investing in sustainable real assets. Our team can count on 70 years of collective real asset investment experience.

Together we executed as principals 75 private transactions including acquisitions, project financing, joint-ventures, refinancings and exits.

We performed due diligence on more than 100 power and heating assets, and delivered more than 60 construction projects on time and on budget. Our portfolio so far has delivered power and heat in line with our pre-investment budgets.


We partner with top-class management teams to build and grow businesses around our assets:

  • We back entrepreneurial developers: we partner with the best developers in our focus markets, to help them build up their businesses and achieve real impact.
  • We invest in greenfield projects: together with our partners we grow our platforms through greenfield development, capturing value that would otherwise be left to third parties.
  • We expand and grow our platforms: we leverage the scale of our platforms and grow further through acquisitions. We also internalize operations management and services to gain further control on performance, gain better insights and capture additional value.
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