London, October 7th 2021


Today Asper hosted a Client webinar to present its latest Sustainability report for the year 2020.

We felt that in 2020 our mission to “Build the New” has become as relevant as ever, as we are called not only to build our new energy infrastructure, but also to build new ways of working, of interacting with our Clients and stakeholders and of supporting our colleagues and management teams.

Our team held together strongly; we watched out for each other in new ways, leveraging technology but also designing new management processes; we made sure everyone in the firm felt connected and cared for; we took care of the physical and mental wellbeing of our team; we found new strengths and new ways to support others in need.

We also performed very strongly on our KPIs and benchmarking scores, and most importantly we significantly grew the size and corresponding positive footprint of our sustainable asset platforms, through development and construction of new assets.

Please find a summary of our 2020 Sustainability report here.