What we are looking for:

  • Teams with enough experience to “know what it takes”, but still highly driven and able to dream big
  • Business models with solid asset cash flows + value creation from development and engineering
  • High visibility on a sizeable first investment + industrial scale proprietary pipeline

What we offer:

  • Capital for development, growth and projects
  • Field-tested partnership structures
  • Industry expertise
  • Experienced execution support
  • Access to industry-wide networks
  • Building the New, faster!

How we support Developers

We support our partnering developers on the path to grow their infrastructure businesses. Our approach is very hands-on, and always tailored to our partners’ needs. Click on the dial below to find out more.

Project Financing Originating
Originating, structuring and negotiating senior debt
facilities for projects

M & A
Originating, qualifying and executing project
acquisitions from third parties

Greenfield Investments
Funding greenfield development activities
(e.g. securing land, permitting, conducting environmental
impact assessment)

Systems & Processes
Integrating best practice systems and processes to
support business growth

Internalizing Operations
Identifying and integrating activities that are best
internalized (e.g. project management and operations)

Strategic Hiring
Supporting entrepreneurs in identifying and sourcing
key talent to support growth

B2B Sales
Boosting the commercial growth engine by integrating
B2B best practices

Joint Ventures
Supporting our development partners through Joint
Ventures, tailored to their needs

Strategic Business Planning
Sharing our experience to support our partners’
strategic stewardship of their business

Our Approach

Our approach is to partner with early stage developers and support them to build large scale sustainable asset platforms. To do this, we use a mix of investment skills ranging from infrastructure/asset financing to private equity. We call this approach Infrastructure Growth Equity.


Our team has been working together for more than a decade: initially as part of the London-based investment firm Hg, and since 2017 as an independent firm entirely owned by its management. Our head office is in London, and our team is also operating from the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

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We only invest in sustainable infrastructure. Legacy is the most important of our Values, and is what drives us towards our mission of Building the New. Sustainability is therefore central to our mission, and is at the core of what Asper stands for.

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how we integrate Sustainability


We create value by investing in high quality real assets, by actively managing them and by building dynamic, thriving businesses around them. We call this approach platform building, and it is at the core of our investment strategy.

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​Are you considering a project, where we might help? Let’s explore it together.