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Since Sustainability is so central to our Mission, we always wanted to avoid it becoming a “silo” in our organization, and we have worked hard to deeply integrate our Sustainability approach and goals in all the key parts of the business. Asper’s Sustainability Committee is in charge of delivering our goals; it reports directly to the Board and includes members from our investment team, portfolio management, legal & compliance and investor relations.

Asper strives to integrate sustainability and ESG management practices into day-to-day operations within our firm and our platforms, while engaging with industry stakeholders to promote adoption of sustainability-driven best practices. We have implemented robust ESG governance processes that Asper employs prior to investment and throughout the life of the investment.

Industry Engagement

Our contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Asper is supportive of all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). In support of our mission in ‘Building the New’, and our investment focus, we specifically focus our efforts on Affordable and clean energy, Industry, innovation and infrastructure and Sustainable cities and communities. At the same time, we work towards achieving the broader set of UN SDGs through our business activities and operations, such as implementing best practice health & safety standards and promoting inclusiveness and diversity. We map our impact against those UN SDGs as part of our regular sustainability reporting.

Key portfolio Sustainability KPIs for 2021

Meet the Sustainability Committee

Jiska Klein

Senior Sustainability Manager

Emma Tinker

Chief Investment Officer

Luis Quiroga

Head of Investor Relations

Humphrey Edginton

Head of Legal & Compliance

Allister Sykes


Luigi Pettinicchio

Chief Executive Officer

Sustainability-related Disclosures

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